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Summer Camp Awesomeness: Superhero Camp and Spirit Animal + Wild Things Camp

Our wonderfully talented teacher, Mary Catherine, led an enthusiastic group of kids into the playful and heroic world of Superheros! This group made capes, masks, and superhero names; at the end of the week, they defeated many villains by water balloon fight! A favorite moment of ours was when the heroes stated their Oath of a Treehouse Superhero: “I Promise to only use my superhero powers FOR GOOD!”

The beginning stages of superhero cape design.

The finished product!

At the end of the week, the superheros donned their costumes and fight the evil villains with water balloons!

In Spirit Animals + Wild Things Camp, Abby led the kids into folk tales and crafts where they learned about and created their favorite animal. They began by creating a totem of their favorite animal and then made a costume to match. By the end of the week we had an armadillo, a parrot, giraffe, cheetah, and elephant parading around the shop. It was a fun and explorative week! 

Creating animal totem poles!






Smiling campers!

The campers really wanted to show off their hard work and costume making abilities so we paraded around the shop for all of the parents! They looked just like chosen spirit animal!

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