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Let’s Fly a Kite!

With the long weekend ahead, we wanted to think of a few activities we could do outside, and flying a kite was the first thing that came to mind!  The only downside is that we don’t have a kite, never fear…Pinterest is here!

We found some great DIY kite tutorials, and a lot of them use materials you have laying around the house!  No matter if you are going to the beach, a park, a party, or just around the house this weekend, a kite is fun and entertaining for every age!


This kite is great if you are headed to the beach, just make sure to bring some art supplies…love the driftwood!  (hello, WONDERFUL)

We just love these Koinobori – Japanese flying carp – kites.  Made from toilet paper rolls, they have such character!  (Squirrelly Minds)

These star kites are for the origami loving kids!  Each point is meticulously folded into a colorful star!  (Playful Learning)

Contact paper projects are so fun, and easy, why not make it into a kite!  We just love how the sun hits each color when it’s in flight…when not flying, hang the kite on your window at home!  (Parent Savvy)

A tutorial for a traditional kite, but it’s a way to use your colorful wrapping paper and washi tape you have laying around the house!   (Petit Poulou)

Have a safe and happy, Memorial Day!!

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