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DIY Bird Wings

Spring in the south is one of the main reasons I moved to Georgia.  The first bloom paves the way to such beauty all the way through summer.  The birds come out of hiding and start chirping away, it’s so peaceful to sit outside and take a listen!  So we thought it was only appropriate to share our DIY Bird Wings, made by our very own, intern/teacher, Mary Catherine!

Materials needed for your own DIY Bird Wings:

  • canvas fabric
  • thin piece of foam (can use a potato as well!!)
  • acrylic paint (any color you would like)
  • paper plate for paint
  • exacto knife or scissors
  • 1 yard of twill tape
  • sewing machine (can use glue instead)

First Step:  Measure the wingspan (middle of the palm to other palm) and use that as your measurement for the canvas.  Using a pencil, draw a straight line for the top and for the bottom, make a half circle.  Using the half circle as your guide, make the points for the “feathers” and don’t worry about the pencil marks…this will be the  inside of your wings.  However you may want to erase the marks, as they may be visible.

Second Step:  Cut the foam (or potato) in the shape of a feather using your exacto knife, this will be your stamp throughout the project!  You may want to attach an extra piece of foam, so it is easier to use as a stamp.

Third Step:  Pour out the paint of your choice.  We used two different shades of pink and blue for both sets of wings, for a more dramatic look.  Now it’s time for stamping!!

Fourth Step:  With your stamp, place it in the paint and make sure to cover the stamp completely.  However, make sure there is not too much paint as if may drip onto the canvas or the stamp may slide around and the texture of the feathers will not be present.  With the desirable amount of paint, stamp the canvas.  If using multiple colors, do one color first and then wipe off the stamp and then stamp the other color(s).

Fifth Step: Repeat step four until the canvas is covered to your liking.

Sixth Step:  Lay the wings flat to dry (preferably overnight).  Once they have dried completely, you can add the finishing touches.  Cut about a 6 inch piece of twill tape, this is so you will be able to use your pointer finger to hold onto the wings.   Either sew or glue the twill tape to the top corners of the wings, overlapping about an inch onto the wings (making a loop).

Seventh Step:  Cut about a 40 in piece of twill tape and sew along the middle of the top line of the inside of the wings.  This is so the middle does not sag (ties into a bow around your neck!) and you don’t have to hold your arms up all day!

And violla…you have made your own bird wings, for endless fun!  Shop baby sure did!!

Here are a few variations to try as well!

  • you can use real feathers or paper, however you should use a hot glue gun to attach to the canvas
  • if you do not have a solid piece of canvas, you can make identical pieces for each side of the wings…you will need to sew a piece of twill tape on the top from end to end with a loop for your finger!
  • change up the colors, make the effect of the rainbow, use three or four different colors

As always, just have fun and try new things!!

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