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Springtime Egg Carton Crafts!

Hopefully you saved your egg cartons from last weeks Easter egg crafts!!  At Treehouse, we use egg cartons a lot for paint cups.  However, there are so many other ways to reuse egg cartons, we thought we would pick a few that would be fun and are spring inspired!

Egg Carton Chimes

(ArtBar Blog)

We just cannot get enough of Art Bar Blog!  These Egg Carton Chimes are so easy to make and they can be for inside or out!  I love the mixture of beads and bells as well the vibrant colors.  Remember to make them your own, so if you don’t have beads or bells, you can use cotton balls and transform them into a garland!

Egg Carton Daffodils


Daffodils are a favorite around here, not only because they are so simple yet vibrant flowers, but they are also the first sign of spring!  With these Egg Carton Daffodils you only need just a few supplies, mainly everything needed you have laying around the house.  If you don’t have pipe cleaners or green floral tape, you can use straws (or wire) and washi tape!

Egg Carton Play Animal Masks


Here at Treehouse, if y’all haven’t noticed…we love creative play!  So these Egg Carton Play Masks are right up our alley!  You can be bird, a fox, a dog…wherever your paint brush takes you!  If you don’t feel like painting, you can always use markers!

Egg Carton Chicks

(Paper, Plate, and Plane)

We just love these little Egg Carton Chicks!  Fun and easy for the entire family, you can also make other animals to the group!  And, with all of the cardboard around the house (we have an abundance), you can make a little farm for all the animals…yay for creative play!!

Egg Carton Fairy House

(Daily Colours)

Fairies are always on our mind, so we are very excited about this Egg Carton Fairy House!!  You can place them in the garden, in your room, or even in your easter baskets (maybe the Easter fairy will bring you something really special)!  You know what your fairies, so make it your own!  (

Egg Carton Planter

((Cool) Progney)

The last egg carton craft is one of our favorites!  If you are like us, we love planting seeds and why not use an Egg Carton Planter, you were about to just throw away!  Using an egg carton allows you to plant a variety of plants, so when it becomes time to transfer the plants to a bigger pot (or in the ground) you will have a colorful array!

Happy Easter….and don’t forget to by the store and grab some last minute gifts for the Easter Basket!

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