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DIY Wintery Wonderland…as seen in Treehouse!

Our front store display has been a hit this winter…thanks to Mary Catherine, our talented intern and teacher!  With the hopes and dreams of waking this morning to a snowy wonderland only to wake up to nothing, and with most of Athens students out of school today, we thought that we would help y’all make a winter wonderland of your own!

The display was inspired by a post from Style Me Pretty (see the original post here).  With their version, they made their own cups out of wax paper, however we had a bunch of snow cone cups laying around the shop, so we used them instead!


Materials for snow cone cups version:

  • snow cone cups
  • 1 ball of white yarn
  • plastic needle
  • scissors

To start:  Thread the needle with your yarn of choice.  It may be easier if you pre-cut your yarn to the desirable lengths for the garland.  We made about 14 different lengths ranging from 32″ to 52″, it’s up to you how long an how many, but having a variety really makes an impact!

Step 2: Poke the top of the cone with the needle and thread through.  This is the top cone, so make sure to leave some room to hang (roughly around 3″).

Step 3:  Make a slip knot, so the cone does not slip.  If you have pre-cut the yarn, remember that the cone will drop about 3.5″ (the size of the cone), so make sure you factor that in when measuring.

Step 4:  Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you get to the desirable length.  We overlapped the cones about a 1/2″, so the knots were roughly about 3″ apart, but you can do whatever you are feeling!

Repeat all of the steps for however many garlands you would like and VOILA…you have a winter wonderland!!

Here are a few variations to try, to really make it your own!

  • use different color yarn with the wax paper version…the yarn will peak through, adding a bit of color!
  • another way to add a little color, have the kids color the snow cone cups
  • like we did in the store…thread some cotton balls on the leftover white yarn to make the look a little softer (using colored yarn would look equally amazing!)
  • instead of the snow cone cups, you can use little water cups for a different look!

Just have fun and try new things!!



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