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Meet Shop Baby

Meet Shop Baby, our inspiration.

Shop Baby loves all things TREEHOUSE. We sat down with her to get insight on school, work, and what it’s like to be TREEHOUSE’s beloved mascot. She wouldn’t share all of her secrets but did let us have a sneak peek into her world. Keep reading to learn more about our little friend.

TREEHOUSE: What do you dream about?

Shop Baby: Wonderland.

TREEHOUSE: What is Wonderland?

Shop Baby: A place that has a lot of things

TREEHOUSE: Hmm that’s a little vague. Maybe you’ll have other tips for us. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Shop Baby: A parent

TREEHOUSE: Oh I’m sure you’ll be a great one! Do you want to work anywhere?

Shop Baby: I want to work at R.Wood Studio and Treehouse

TREEHOUSE: TREEHOUSE would love to have you! What is your favorite Treehouse toy?

Shop Baby: The baby dollies.

TREEHOUSE: Oh yes, we have tons of cute ones. What is your favorite food?

Shop Baby: I usually like carrots or lettuce or peanut butter or even like hummus and celery or even like beans with casserole.

TREEHOUSE: That’s very healthy Shop Baby. We need to have more of those around here. What is your favorite animal?

Shop Baby: Peacock and elephants

TREEHOUSE: Elephants are my favorite. They’re so cute. I know you’ve recently started school. What is your favorite thing about school?

Shop Baby: Doing work

TREEHOUSE: What kind of work?

Shop Baby: Sound sorting and math work

TREEHOUSE: That’s very industrious of you. You must be a very good student, just like you are a good mascot. What do you like about being a mascot?

Shop Baby: It’s a secret….i can’t tell you.

Ah Shop Baby, you continue to mystify us. Maybe one day you will tell us your secrets. For now we’ll have to use what we have for our inspiration.

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