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ME vs Mama, this year’s resolutions

After becoming a parent the idea of resolutions naturally shifted.  I started to make resolutions that were entirely child directed.  It’s so easy to put your whole self into being a parent and forget about the things that bring YOU happiness, light, space, enjoyment, and new growth.   I do believe that giving yourself a little attention makes you feel better about yourself …….which will in turn make you a better parent.  Everyone needs to be nourishment, including YOU!

This year when writing my resolutions I made 2 sets.  1 list for ME and one for MAMA.  Here is what I am doing for me…..It’s not to late to make a list for you!

1.  MAKE more >> This year I want to go to more knitting nights with friends, take a class at Double Dutch and Smokey Road Press….. and make more in general…..Maybe ever learn something new.

2.  EXERCISE regularly  >> Last year I put myself on a schedule and life got crazy during the holidays…  I want to get back on my YOGA schedule and Trapeze too!

3. Put LOCAL and SMALL first >> I really do a good job eating, shopping, and supporting local and small online businesses.  This year I want to do even better.  I know it may cost a little more, but it is an investment in my community.

4.  PRINT more photos >> I am a photographer and I do not print photos.  When Maypop was born a friend jokingly said “don’t let your child turn into a jpeg.”  Well I did, I have not printed a single photo of her.

5.  READ more >>  I read plenty books…..usually four each night.  Time to pick up a chapter book and read one for me.

6.  COOK more >> Make a meal plan and grocery lists to help me with this!

7.  CLEAN and organize more >> Pick one room a day to tend to.

8.  DATE NIGHT >> Go on 1 date night a month.  It’s so easy to say… babysitters, dinner, and movies cost too much, lets just stay home.  Don’t forget the importance of relationships, they are work!

9.   BLOG more >> I have been slacking on my family blog….  This is a good way to share photos with friends and family afar.  Need to get back on it.

10.  Use a Calendar >> Put it all on the calendar so I can stick to it!

Whew, I am excited about 2014.  Gonna let the LIGHT and COLOR in!  Who is gonna join me?

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