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Brittany’s Buzz: Teacher Spotlight

For all of our little explorers and their families who have made it out to our Saturday classes, you all know Brittany Ranew. Brittany, our Saturday class instructor, is one crafty lady and our little TREEHOUSE adventurers just love her!

Brittany started out working for the Center for Puppetry Arts and is currently in school studying art education. What doesn’t this lady do? We decided to sit down with this dynamite teacher to discover just what makes her so magical to be around–and maybe even get a fun DIY tip or two!

TREEHOUSE: You are such a hit with the little ones! We’re feel so lucky to have you teaching at TREEHOUSE Kid and craft. Will you start off by sharing a little bit about yourself?

Brittany: Hmmm, I am most content when I watch people in the midst of creating something. Anything, from a potter at the wheel to a baby with finger paints are beautiful moments to witness. This may be why my life and career focus on making these moments happen more often. Right now, I’m in school for art education, which means I take classes to become a teacher but I also get to make art work myself. Currently, I work with ceramics. I dabble is all sorts of materials creatively although sewing is my first love and I try to bring that into my work as much as possible.

TREEHOUSE: How fun! You’ve done a little bit of everything. What prompted your love for arts and crafts?

Brittany: My mom certainly inspires me to make, she taught me how to sew. Art making goes back generations in my family. My grandmother has a chest filled with handmade relics of artistic relatives and a story to go with each. The most intricate is an Irish tapestry from 1860! It’s a privilege to be able to carry on this tradition.

TREEHOUSE: So crafting is in your blood. No wonder you’re so brilliant at it! So how did you meet Kristen and begin teaching at TREEHOUSE Kid and Craft?

Brittany: I had been eyeing Treehouse for a while, it’s such a sweet lil’ shop. When I was seeking work in Athens it was at the top of my list. One day, I got up the courage to just walk on in and talk to Kristen. She was super nice and the Treehouse family is very welcoming. It all began this summer with a wonderful week of Space Camp (with an alien appearance!!) and has been a blast ever since.

TREEHOUSE: Aw, Space Camp was one of our favorites. You did such a good job! That was one crafty DIY project. Do you have a favorite DIY project you’ve done?

Brittany: The most reliable motivation for me is gift giving. I have the best work ethic when I am creating for someone I care about. The latest example was a quilt for two lovely friends that recently got married in Athens.

TREEHOUSE: How sweet! Can you share any tips for doing awesome crafts on a budget?

Brittany: Nature crafts! My pup and I like to explore the woods to see what we can find for crafts. Leaves, pine cones, and twigs make great hanging decorations, especially this time of year. As I’ve learned from the creative ladies at TREEHOUSE, glitter and/or gold spray paint can take that pine cone from rustic to luxe in seconds flat.

TREEHOUSE: Oh yes, we love glitter! We think creativity makes everything better. What’s the best example of how you use creativity in your everyday life?

Brittany: Art school has helped me figure out how to put together a life of teaching and making creatively. While I strive to do this on a daily basis, it is not always easy. Check out my blog to see how I try to make this happen.

TREEHOUSE: How awesome, you are so inventive! What’s your favorite class to teach at TREEHOUSE Kid and Craft and why?

Brittany: I love teaching children with their parents. In schools, I work closely with the children but rarely get to see kids interact with their families. At Treehouse an instructor gets the rare chance to witness a family making art together. No matter what we’re making, that moment of collaboration is fantastic.

TREEHOUSE: Yes, we’re glad we get to help you be a part of something so special! Is there anything we should know about you that we didn’t ask?

Brittany: I love meeting new folks and learning new things. So come on by and tell me about yourself. Maybe we can trade, I’ll teach ya a craft and you teach me something new too!

TREEHOUSE: We’d love that. Thanks again for all your input! We love learning new tips and tricks of the trade.

Thanks again to Brittany for sharing all of her crafty secrets! We hope she inspired you to dive into creativity. Remember to drop by TREEHOUSE Kid and Craft any Saturday to witness the magic and enjoy discounts on class multiples!

As our way of saying thank you to our most loyal TREEHOUSE friends, November Saturday classes are FREE all month long. Enjoy!

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