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constellation playsilk

At Treehouse we love Playsilks! These are great because they allow your child to be creative in thinking of ways to use them. They are often used to build forts, play dress-up, and more!

To make this you will need:

– Playsilk  – fabric dye (we used Dylon Velvet Black, you could also use Jeans Blue)

– water  – salt  – bleach  – spray bottle  – vinegar  – bucket  – spoon  – rubber gloves

First you will mix the dye. Don’t forget to add the salt so that the dye will adhere to your fabric!

Next, submerge the Playsilk into your dye and leave for 30 minutes. You will want to move your fabric around a few times while it is in the dye so that you will have an even color.

Remove your Playsilk and rinse until all dye is removed. Allow it to dry.

Fill your spray bottle with bleach, mixing one part bleach with two parts water.

Randomly spray your fabric and you will notice that slowly the bleach will remove the dye from the fabric, leaving an orange color. Because silk does not react to bleach as quickly and vibrantly, you will need to spray your fabric several times.

Lastly, you will mix vinegar and water together and submerge your Playsilk into the mixture. Leave for about 10 minutes. This step is important because vinegar stops the bleaching!

Allow your Playsilk to dry and you have a beautiful constellation pattern. This can be hung above your child’s bed, used to build a fort, or as whatever your child imagines it to be.



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