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diy concrete stepping stone & planter

This concrete craft serves as both a stepping stone as well as a planter. This is a great summertime craft that can be used for decorative purposes in your yard or garden, or as a way to teach your child how to grow grass!

To make this you will need:

– concrete mix (we used Quikrete)

– water

– a bucket

– a paint stirrer

– a mold for the stepping stone (we used a cardboard lid)

– a mold for the planter (we used a cardboard flower that you can find at any craft store)

– cooking spray

– rocks

– soil

– wheat grass seeds

To begin, you will sift out the larger rocks in the concrete, before adding the water, to make for easier stirring. Next, you will mix the concrete, adding enough water to create a consistent texture.

We recommend spraying the molds with cooking spray. This will make it easier to remove your stepping stone from the mold.

Pour the concrete mixture into your larger mold and press the smaller mold into the mixture, only pressing it halfway down. We placed rocks on top of our flower mold to weigh it down.

Because we used Quikrete, our stepping stone dried quickly. After about an hour we were able to take it out of the mold.

Finally, we planted our wheat grass seeds. We filled our planter with soil and placed the seeds on top. Water your seeds and place a towel over the planter to allow the seeds to sprout. These particular seeds do not need sunlight to sprout.



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