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Making Gelatin Leaf Prints

Yesterday in CRAFT CLUB we gathered some greenery and made some gelatin prints.  What a fun day!  This full class of ladies all made some lovely ready-to-hang pieces of art and made some new friends!   If you want to do this at home, I have left the instructions below!

1.  Make your plate by dissolving 8 packs of gelatin in 1 + 1/2  cups of cold water.  Slowly add 1 + 1/2 cups of boiling water and stir to completly dissolve.  You want to be gentle when stiring so you get as few bubbles as possible.  The main concern is that the gelatin dissolves.
Skim the bubbles off the top and pour gelatin over a cookie sheet pan.  Let the gelatin set overnight, uncovered.

2.  Gather some ingredients from outside, the flatter leaves work best but some little flowers also work too. 

3.  Using a brayer and block printing ink roll out a think coat of ink on a flat surface and apply to the gelatin.
4.  Carefully arrange your natural ingredients on top of the ink coated gelatin.

5.  Lay a sheet of paper over the inked gelatin and leaves and gently press the paper so that the entire paper gets coated with the ink.  Gently peel away your first print…..OOOOH  AAAAHHH!

6.  Carefully  peel away your leaves and lay a piece of paper down to do another print.  Your print will be an opposite print of the first.  You can use the the gelatin plates over and over for multiple prints.

Look at these beauties!!!

photos and tutorial by TREEHOUSE. kid and craft


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