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Stichin’ Bunnies

We had a blast today at CRAFT CLUB!  Anna Frances, Henry, and myself stitched up some adorable bunnies from some felted sweaters.  Want to do this project at home?  You totally can!

WHAT YOU’LL NEED ::  >> old sweater scraps or jersey   >> a tapestry needle  >> embroidery thread  >> scissors  >> scrap paper & pencil for pattern making  >> dress pins >> stuffing  >> lavender (optional)  >>sharpie for facial features

DIRECTIONS :: >> make your bunny body shape (think of a 2 tiered snowman) >> cut out body shape >> using the dress pins attach the paper to your fabric  >> cut out your body piece, you’ll need two of them  >> thread your needle & tie a couple of knots  >>  start stitching around the perimeter of your doll body making sure that you leave a hole for stuffing at the bottom  >> you can add the limbs afterwards or stich them on as you go around  >> stuff your bunny, we put a little of lavender inside  >> stitch the bottom  >> add limbs if you haven’t done so  >> using a marker and or needle and thread, add your facial features

treehousekidandcraft-stichinbunnies-9200treehousekidandcraft-stichinbunnies-9209treehousekidandcraft-stichinbunnies-9196treehousekidandcraft-stichinbunnies-9205treehousekidandcraft-stichinbunnies-9206treehousekidandcraft-stichinbunnies-9208Photos by Kristen Bach, craft by TREEHOUSE. kid and craft


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