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Buy LOCAL today, tomorrow and every day!

This morning I saw a post by my dear friend, Amy Flurry….. and I couldn’t agree more!  thanks Amy!

“Buy LOCAL today, tomorrow and every day!

This morning I’m taking off my small business consultant hat to share a few thoughts about the condition of business in our community and the dire need to prioritize where we patronize. The local music store, the lunch-time eatery, the downtown print store, the neighborhood wine shop, the fast framing company, the caring pharmacy, the family-run bakery, the boutique graphic design firm, the specialty kid’s store, the bookshop, the vintage fashion boutique… the places that make Athens most valuable to us, they NEED our support and not just during the holiday or on occasion but EVERY TIME there is a choice over something sold there or at a chain. This is the one situation where we regulate the business climate and we’re not doing enough.


We all know this, but it’s worth saying again: Athens and communities like it have always been defined by the creativity in our midst, but all of these businesses struggle at one time or another. Let’s not wait for a desperate cry for action from an owner or for another door to close to be the reminder where to spend our money. We DO have direct control of this thermostat.”


As I sit here with a table full of young crafters I am thankful for everyone who has braved the cold and made a trip to TREEHOUSE. kid and craft.  And remember every dollar you spend locally is a VOTE for keeping our city wonderful and  those little businesses around.

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