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Celebrating Two Years!


I am so thankful for all of the wonderful people who have come into TREEHOUSE kid & craft over the past 2 years.  This little shop that I opened (against all odds) has grown to be something more beautiful that I ever could have imagined.  Athens is such a special place and I am so thankful that it embraces the things that makes this lil’ city so wonderful.


-All of the people who come into the shop…even if you are just browsing or playing.  We love you all!

-Our community!

-All of the folks that tell us they love our shop (and notice our silly & crafty details) it means a lot to us!

-All of the crafters who have joined us in our classes.  You have all helped the creative spirit of this place grow!

-My talented and dedicated staff and teachers (and previous staff too) All of your ideas and efforts have helped us grow!

-All of the local talents that make goodies for me to sell in the shop.

-All of the artisans who participate in our markets.

-And Luna Bakery for being great neighbors (and making great bread)


THINK SMALL & LOCAL this holiday season and help Athens wonderful.

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